Sep 11, 2013

DotScan Calibration Tools available

Get your own calibration tool for DotScan height inspection. Calibrate your system by yourself within less than a minute!

Over the last 2 years customers have asked for a calibration tool to enable them to calibrate a DotScan system themselves. After some time of development we are now proud to offer a certified calibration tool to recalibrate the DotScan height inspection module. Also, every new DotScan system is delivered with a unique calibration tool. Each tool has it's own measurement report from a certified measurement institute. The unique dataset of a calibration tool is stored on a USB stick, and is used by the software for recalibration. Furthermore you can print a calibration report or just check if the calibration values are still okay.

If there is any questions regarding the calibration tool, please call +49 8677 409958 0 or write an email to: