DotScan for Braille Books


With DotScan for Braille Books in-situ provides another highly developed 3D inspection system to ensure the quality of embossed Braille text in production environments. Due to in-situ‘s award-winning 3D SFS technology, all Braille dots on a page with a maximum size of 350 x 290 mm2 can be read and compared in just 2 seconds! The system can compare against any electronic Braille ASCII file. Dot errors (omissions and/or additions) are recognized and highlighted.

DotScan for Braille Books helps you recognize embosser malfunctions in early production quickly with the minimum of effort. It ensures the best possible quality of your Braille products.

Specifications and Functionalities:

  • Recognition and comparison of embossed Braille against electronic master files.
  • Large scanning area for Braille pages up to 350 x 290 mm2.
  • Conversion of unknown Braille text into Braille ASCII files.
  • Robust and reliable Braille character recognition algorithm compensates bows
    and irregularities in embossing.
  • Reliable scanning of old and worn-out Braille documents due to in-situ‘s 3D SFS scanning technology.
  • Ability to inspect and document results of whole Braille books.
  • Easy-to-use software interface.
  • Inspection assistant that guides you through the whole inspection process.
  • Saving and printing of inspection results for QA-purposes.
  • Editable printing templates to fulfil customer requirements and special requests.
  • Detailed hard- and software documentation.